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Collies of the Lazy S Ranch

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FYI: The collies are Large Breed dogs and do not attain their full form until 2 to 2 1/2 years of age. There is a new brand of dog food out, Candidae, that am trying on the collies. It is made with meat and vegetables, and without soy and corn. It is supposedly as if you were feeding your dogs table scraps, but well-balanced so that their nutritional requirements are met. SInce  occasionally our dogs do get treated to table scraps, but are monitored afterwards to see what they can and cannot handle, perhaps this may be a good brand to try. Our results will be posted in the future. You must try your pups individually to see if anything upsets there stomach. 
Our puppies are trained with "Trainers", our homemade doggy training treats and small scraps of meat. They are made with natural, tasty ingredients like beef and liver and we only use citrus and salt as a preservative. You can purchase them if you'd like. We will send them to you postage paid for 7.95/lb.  When you raise dogs, it is always a possibility that one of your beloved babies will end up at an animal shelter. These are creatures, often on death row, and they've committed no crime. Although we raise purebred collies, we support our local Humane Society animal shelter. Over the years we have adopted a couple lovely, purebred and mixed dogs. Our recent addition to our family is a Great Pyrenees(?). He is loving, intellligent and neutered. He was already about 6 months old when we adopted him, but he easily trained. Last week we adopted a small, very thin, blue point Siamese. He is also loving and easy going. If you are considering a new pet and you find that purchasing a purebred is cost prohibitive but you have the money and time to support an animal well, please consider your local animal shelter. And don't forget, donations of food, blankets, bowls or cash, no matter how small, is always a help to these homeless creatures.




King 13 weeks old

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Paintings by various western and northwestern artists

Contact us at collies@usa.com

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Terms and Conditions

Method of payments are checks(but must be cleared before shipping), money orders(i.e. U.S. Postal) or cashier checks

Shipping is available through several airlines and runs approx. $200 in the continental U.S.
If you are flying with the pup, most airlines charge about $70 for the pup to fly cargo or in-cabin. Email me at collies@usa.com

We raise beautiful and productive registered Nubians. Come take a look!

We have some very beautiful goats. CLICK HERE to see them!

Just browsing? Get in touch anyway and let me know what you think.


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